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Get rewarded in crypto to drive safe!

We are building the token and application that will power the future of incentivizing safe driving for everyone with GDRT rewards.

Contract Address

GDRToken is an ERC20 token that is powered on the Ethereum blockchain.
This is the official contract address of the GDRToken (GDRT).


You can check the official Etherscan link here.

GDRT Vision

Our vision it to incentivize the every day drivers on the road to start practicing safer driving.  Uber drivers, delivery workers, and even small business employee's that drive for a living can help create a safe road for everyone.


In return for safe driving GDRT will reward safe drivers with the cryptocurrency GDRT. We have found that incentivizing someone to do something the right way is much more effective than penalizing someone for doing something the wrong way.

How to Buy $GDRT

Follow these steps.

Create a Metamask Wallet

$GDRT token is available on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is a great wallet to get your ERC20 (Ethereum) tokens swapped on and stored in your own personal wallet. It has a Google Chrome extension, visit to download the extension and set up a new wallet today. MetaMask's app for iPhone or Android also available.

Buy or Send $DAI to MetaMask

Buy $DAI through MetaMask or transfer from a different wallet to your new MetaMask wallet address (Coinbase or Trust Wallet).

Visit Uniswap

You can currently buy $GDRT on Uniswap only.

Be careful to use only and only this contract address: 0x5461b7312ad415fabdfed739220cf7f71b8398d9

Swap $DAI for $GDRT

Enter the amount of $DAI you would like to swap for $GDRT. Click Connect Wallet then Swap.

Best Practice and Recommendation

In order for your transaction to happen quickly and successfully we recommend you to pay at least the average gas price and set an appropriate slippage tolerance depending on the volatility at the moment of your transaction. Gas prices can be checked on Etherscan.

GDRToken Coin
Good Driver Reward Token Application
GDRT Rewards

Road Map

April - July 2021

Early Subscriber



August  - September 2021

Liquidity Pool Launch

Price: $0.02


October 2021

Application Launch

Version 1.0


November 2021

Referral Program

Design/Coding Mode

December 2021


Version 2.0 Updates

"Ahead of schedule"


Jan - March 2022

Exchange Listings

April 2022

GDRToken Wallet Production Initiated
Design/Coding Mode

Anyone that shares the GDRToken project on Twitter, tags @GdrToken on Twitter, follows @GdrToken on Twitter and subscribes below will be eligible!

Up to 100 GDRT will be awarded!

400,000 GDRT will be available for trade with DAI at the price of $0.02 per GDRT

The first live version of the Good Driver Reward Token Application will be released for Android users. Drivers will be able to start earning GDRT via the GDRToken application.

A referral program will be set to roll out after completion of application testing.  This will be initiated to help promote GDRToken and the GDRToken application. Who doesn't like free coins? 

Version 2 of the Good Driver Reward Token Application will be released and iPhone user will be able to download the application.

New exchange listings will be available for further adoption and growth of GDRT and the GDRToken application.

The ability to send and receive GDRT and store on a private wallet.


GDRT - Good Driver Reward Token

Getting rewarded in crypto to drive safe will never be easier. Android application is live and the iPhone store platform is also live.

Subscribe to learn more about GDRT and how to help the mass adoption future for all insurance companies in rewarding it's driver's to drive safe.

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