Good Driver Reward Token

Get rewarded in crypto to drive safe!

GDRT Vision

Our vision it to incentivize the every day drivers on the road to start practicing safer driving.  Uber drivers, delivery workers, and even small business employee's that drive for a living can help create a safe road for everyone.


In return for safe driving GDRT will reward safe drivers with the cryptocurrency GDRT. We have found that incentivizing someone to do something the right way is much more effective than penalizing someone for doing something the wrong way.

First GDRToken Rewards Video

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Rewards Up To 1000 GDRT!


GDRT - Good Driver Reward Token

Getting rewarded in crypto to drive safe will never be easier. Android and iPhone application launching soon.

To learn more about GDRT and how to get involved early subscribe below. The future for all insurance companies rewarding it's driver's to drive safe starts here.

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