GDRT Rewards Program

How To Get Rewarded In GDRT
GDRToken Rewards

Download GDRT Application

You can download the GDRT app to your Android or iPhone. Once downloaded you will be ready to start tracking your safe driving practices and get rewarded in GDRT.

Get out there and start driving!

Once your car reaches 15 MPH the GDRT application will automatically start tracking your driving practices.


The GDRT application tracks your driving speed, location and distance of travel. If you drive the speed limit or under you will be earning GDRT for every mile driven once you reach a speed of 15 MPH.


Every 10 Miles Driven Safely = 0.02 GDRT

GDRToken Insurance

Avoid Accidents

Our overall goal is to get large insurance carriers and brokers to adopt the GDRT incentives to their insurance programs as an incentive to help lower accident claims and reduce overall exposure to losses. A safe driver with no accident is what insurance companies profit from. This is a great tool to help incentivize auto insurance policy holders to drive safe.


This benefits both the driver and the insurance company.

The driver gets rewarded for driving safe every 10 miles already and now with no accidents the driver can be rewarded GDRT from their insurance company every 6 or 12 months. The insurance company can determine the GDRT amount based on what they want to provide. But no matter what the driver can always earn 0.02 GDRT for every 10 miles driven safely with the GDRToken Application.

The first insurance brokerage to offer a GDRT reward program to it's clients is Insurance Solutions.


Many more to come!

Earning with the GDRT Application

GDRT Rewards Vision

The Good Driver Reward Token

Our vision it to incentivize the every day drivers on the road to start practicing safer driving.  Uber drivers, delivery workers, and everyday drivers can help create a safe road for everyone.


In return for safe driving Good Driver Reward Token Inc. will reward safe drivers with the cryptocurrency GDRT. We hove found that incentivizing someone to do something right is much more effective than penalizing someone for doing something wrong.

GDRT Subscribe Notice

Get The Application

1. Download the GDRT application to get started.

2. Verify your identity with a valid drivers license to activate account.

Coming Soon!

3. Confirm email address to finalize.

Coming Soon!

Your ready to start earning rewards!

Version 1 of the GDRToken Application is available for all to start earning GDRT!

GDRT Safe Driving

How to Earn Rewards

The GDRT application will track and log your mileage and driving speed once your car is moving faster than 15 MPH.


Drivers must drive the posted speed limit or under to earn rewards.  Driving over the posted speed limit on roads will limits the drivers rewards from being calculated correctly.

Every 10 Miles Driven Safely = 0.02 GDRT

It's that easy!


GDRT - Good Driver Reward Token

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