Offer GDRT Rewards


Good Driver Reward Token For Insurance Agencies

Now smaller brokerages and agencies can offer rewards to their loyal and safe driving clients!

Raise your retention and lower your loss ratio's by setting up your own GDRToken reward program to work best for your insurance brokerage.

Offer GDRT rewards to your clients for no lapse during their 6 or 12 month policy period.


Offer GDRT rewards to your clients for not getting into an accidents during their 6 or 12 month policy term.


How To Get Started!

Step 1

Set up your Metamask wallet and buy GDRT tokens. 

The tokens are valued at $0.02 per token.  Over time we will strive to keep the community happy and we hope to see the GDRT token value rise as more and more people adopt the token and download the application for everyday use. 
This video link will give you a quick walkthrough on buying GDRT. 

Step 2

After you have bought your tokens you will have them stored on your private Metamask wallet. This is the wallet that you will use to send GDRT tokens to your clients that are enrolled in your rewards program and qualify to be rewarded based on your own reward program rules.

Step 3

Your agency goal should be to accept GDRT as payment for auto insurance so if your clients wish to spend the GDRT with your agency they can buy or renew a policy.

Now it's time to start telling your client's about your GDRToken Reward Program and that you accept GDRT cryptocurrency as payment for insurance.  Over time your clients will be incentivized to follow your reward program rules and strive to earn your GDRT rewards.


More and more people will also be downloading the GDRToken application to earn GDRT for driving the speed limit.

Remember your clients can earn rewards from your agency for following your reward program; but they can also earn rewards from the GDRToken application on the Android and iPhone store just for driving the speed limit.


This is where accepting GDRT tokens as payment for insurance will really help your agency grow over time.  These people will want to spend the GDRT token they have earned while driving.  This is where your agency can be apart of the beginning of uniting the insurance world with cryptocurrency payments. You will be able to sell auto insurance to everyone that is earning the GDRT tokens from the application. If these people come to your agency to use GDRT tokens for payment you can now accept payment and offer rewards to them.

Download GDRToken Application for Android Users


Download GDRToken Application for iPhone Users