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GDRToken Halving! A boost to your GDRT rewards is coming!

There's a bit of a change taking place within the GDRToken Application and Rewards System!

We are following in the path of the traditional Bitcoin model of cutting the rewards earned down after a certain timeframe "halving". The GDRToken Application rewards will be cut in 1/2 after a certain time period is established (12-24 months). We are still working out the tokenomics.

Right now the application is rewarding 0.02 GDRT per 10 miles. Once the halving process is completed and initiated, this will cause the rewards to be drastically increased starting very soon for everyone.....but as time goes on the reward amount will start to lower once the halving kicks in "12-24 months".

We have not worked out the final numbers to released our tokenomics; but we wanted to let you all know that this token "GDRT"; and the application "GDRToken" was created to help people earn passive income and create a more safe driving environment for everyone.

If you understand how Bitcoin works with supply and mining rewards making the price of BTC rises every 4 years....then you will understand why we are making this change. Everything is coming together.

Please share this project far and wide as it's going to be listed on an exchange very soon and will only be successful if we the people embrace GDRToken. Fair Launch On Exchange Coming Soon!

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