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GDRTOKEN is incorporated as an S Corp which has SHARES!

Updated: May 24

The first 100 people that get involved with this project first and buy $GDRT from the launched liquidity pool will be whitelisted with the ability to become an Executive Holder of the GDRToken.

What is an Executive Holder?

Becoming an Executive Holder will give you access to our Executive Holders Token. The token will grant you voting rights "more to come" , and also access to the exclusive Executive Token airdrop. This has never been done before and will be the first of its kind!

An Executive Token can be used as validation for becoming an actual share holder of GDRTOKEN on paper in the real world legally in the United States of America. There will be requirements on the investors side to achieve becoming a share holder, but it's very possible once regulations are implemented. Time will tell when this becomes a reality.

There is a lot of red tape and hoops that will need to be attended to in order to give shares to all Executive Holders...but this is our overall goal.

We want to provide all of this below as a combined ecosystem.

~ GDRT Reward Token ~ GDRToken Application ~ Referral Reward System ~ Voting Rights ~ Corporate Share Holders ~ Insurance Brokerage Partnerships ~ Auto Industry Partnerships ~ Rideshare Partnerships

We want all of the above to become an ecosystem to be operated and maintained by ALL OF US. ALL OF US means all the people who helped get GDRTOKEN launched. You will become a share holder with real stake in a company and with voting rights. Whitelisted wallet address's will be granted to those who help GDRToken grow.

GDRToken was created to help people earn passive income as well as to create a more safe environment when traveling on the roads. If this was created for the people we believe the people should help run GDRTOKEN.

Spread the word and help bring awareness to what is being built.

The first if it's kind! A token that rewards good drivers combined with an mobile application that works and a corporation that is being built for the people and maintained by the people.

#GDRToken #AutoInsurnace #GoodDriverRewardToken

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