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Moving to the Cronos Blockchain!

The GDRToken Application was created to provide passive income to the average person driving on the road. We originally launched the GDRT token on the ETH blockchain as it was very well known among the crypto community.

After a lot of thought and work we decided to move everything from the ETH blockchain to the Cronos Blockchain hosted by There is a really good reasons we made this choice. The main reason being how low the Cronos Blockchain fee's are to create transactions. As the GDRToken application wants to provide a sound and affordable token to be used for insurance transactions in the real world; it was vital to make the cost for transactions as low as possible for everyday use. This is why we have moved to the Cronos Blockchain. Less fee's is always better! Our other main reason for moving to the Cronos blockchain is because we believe in and the future it holds for the cryptocurrency community.

How to claim your new GDRT Tokens on the CRC Blockchain?

It's really easy to swap out your old GDRT for the new GDRT on the Cronos Blockchain! Follow these easy steps. 1. Go to twitter and search for @GdrToken 2. Message GDRToken on Twitter.

3. Send over your wallet address that holds the old GDRT Token on the ETH Blockchain. Then also provide your new Cronos wallet address so we can send your swapped GDRT. The reason we are asking for a message on twitter is because everyone that got the early bird airdrop had to communicate through twitter to get the reward. We want to confirm that the swapped GDRT we are sending out is going to the correct person or insurance brokerage. Please remember we are a message away if you need help getting setup on the Cronos Blockchain. Here is a link on how to create your Cronos Wallet on Metamask. Once we have confirmed you are the correct party will we send your new CRC20 GDRT Tokens! Please keep in mind that your original GDRT on the ETH blockchain is invalid moving forward and will need to be swapped for the CRC20 GDRT Token. Thanks for your early will not go unnoticed and everyone that is eligible to swap out the old GDRT tokens will be rewarded. We have went with the CRC20 platform is because we believe is going to be the largest blockchain in the world and so we hope to grow with #cryptocom and the #Crofam community. Fortune favors the brave! #GDRToken #GoodDriverRewardToken

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