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The GDRToken CRO Rewards NFT Collection Is Being Dropped Into The CroQueen Mystery Box!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We are very proud to be the first to collaborate with CroKing and place our NFT into one of their Mystery Box's. This 3D spinning GDRToken NFT comes with rewards for the most loyal of holder.

The GDRToken CRO Rewards NFT Collection will be placed inside the CroQueen Mystery Box as the 3rd and final item. Three items total and we are one of them!

Minting on March 14th at 7pm UTC! Our NFT collection offers $wCRO rewards to all the wallets that hold our 1st and maybe most important GDRToken CRO Rewards NFT! Rewards will be sent out once per month randomly if enough $wCRO rewards have accumulated to cover transaction fee's and also rewards holders at least 5 $CRO per GDRToken CRO Rewards NFT. We will be taking the proceeds from our NFT sale to further the development of the GDRToken application and integrate the GDRT blockchain contract into our application. Not all the proceeds will go to development though. We will take 25% of the proceeds and purchase $CRK. This $CRK will be held in a wallet that will collect $wCRO rewards from the transactions that occur from the $CRK trading volume. We said that the rewards would come to those that are the most loyal. Our loyal holder will need to have the GDRToken CRO Rewards NFT and 150,000,000,000 $CRQ in the same wallet in order to qualify to receive the $wCRO rewards. This is how we will be rewarding our NFT holders with $wCRO each month. Not only will you be getting the GDRToken NFT; but you will also be getting the CroQueen NFT and her token $CRQ. Total $CRQ tokens in each box are 150,000,000,000 $CRQ. 3 ITEMS TOTAL

  1. The CroQueen NFT

  2. 150,000,000,000 $CRQ "CroQueen Token"

  3. GDRToken CRO Rewards NFT

How to get the CroQueen Mystery Box?

1. Open 2. Open the “Mint” tab 3. Choose how many boxes you want to mint (maximum 10) 4. Press Mint

Minting Date: March 14 at 7pm UTC!

Mint Price Per Box: 300 $CRO plus 5,000,000,000 $CRK

The CroQueen Mystery Box literally holds everything inside of it that someone would need to start earning $wCRO right away! You get the GDRToken CRO Rewards NFT with the amount of $CRQ needed to earn $wCRO. After all boxes have been minted the rewards will go live!

We feel the CroKing token and NFT platform can be an amazing asset to utilize. Our project supporters will be rewarded with $wCRO for helping the GDRToken project and GDRToken application further it's success. Thanks for the support everyone!

To learn more about the CroQueen Mystery Box and all it entails please read their medium article.

GDRToken - Good Driver Rewards Token Inc. Website:




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