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Stake $GDRT - Earn Rewards

We have setup a staking pool with CroKing to offer rewards of $GDRT for staking $GDRT.
Read below to learn how it works and how you can start earning other tokens also with your $GDRT rewards!

You can earn GDRT Rewards inside our mobile application for free. We are striving to create a rewards system based around driving the speed limit. The application is live and users can currently earn GDRT rewards; although the withdrawal feature on the application is not live yet. This feature will go live once we mint all of our Founders NFTs.

Currently you can only stake $GDRT by buying it on a decentralized exchange or you can mint a GDRToken Founders NFT and claim over 16 billion $GDRT from our dapp. 

Buy On Exchange


Mint Founders NFT


If you mint a GDRToken Founders NFT be sure to claim your $GDRT from our dApp after connecting your wallet.

Claim $GDRT


You can then move your claimed $GDRT over to the CroKing ecosystem and stake the $GDRT to earn more $GDRT!  This staking pool should run till an approximate ending date of 10/01/2023.
Our NFT's also offer a boost up to 10% if they are added to the staking pool to earn more $GDRT while staking.

Stake on CroKing

CRK Logo.png

As users earn rewards of $GDRT they will have the ability to withdraw the $GDRT rewards from the staking pool on CroKing and move them to other staking options. 

Other available staking reward pools:

Stake on CroKing

Stake $GDRT - Earn $CRK

Stake $GDRT - Earn $VRSE
Stake $GDRT - Earn $VVS
Coming Soon
Stake $GDRT - Earn $TONIC

CRK Logo.png

Stake on Crodex

Stake $GDRT - Earn $xCRX


As staking pool options expire over time, we will strive to continue to refill the pools and also offer new options for staking $GDRT to earn more rewards of other cryptocurrency tokens on Cronos.

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